Helping ELLs’ Success: Exact Path & WIDA Prime V2 Correlation

May 21, 2019

One of the biggest considerations with English language learning (ELL) is helping ELL students build their confidence in and outside the classroom. We talk to schools on a daily basis about the challenges they want to overcome regarding ELL.

We know supporting ELL students is a major priority for our schools (read about our strategies for supporting them). That’s why our core aim is to recognize a need for more educational materials to cater for a growing range of English language learners. Whether that’s to build their confidence, or support their progression with relevant tools. In order for us to support our schools we are proud to be associated with WIDA.

Proud Partners with WIDA

WIDA is a consortia who are committed to ensuring that there are educational materials that help students with their proficiency in English language. However, it also gives ELLs opportunities to be more successful academically and build confidence, as well as support their progression.

In the US, the WIDA Consortium now includes 39 US state education agencies. For them, they have commitments that lie in their vision of advancing academic language development for linguistically diverse students.

Above all, one of the key missions for the WIDA Consortium was to develop the Protocol for Review of Instructional Materials for ELLs (PRIME). This is a tool they have developed to assist educators in making decisions. Decisions about which educational materials they should select for language-education programs.

It’s this well-respected review protocol that judges certain solutions and their instructional merit. All this in line with the WIDA PRIME V2 inventory.

Edmentum International & WIDA

Exact Path & ELL

Our relationship with WIDA is important to us, and many of the schools we work with are affiliated to WIDA. So we believe in the quality of our solutions and their ability to serve the needs of your ELLs.

That’s why we’re pleased to say that Exact Path has been awarded a WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation. This means we’re part of a distinguished group of online learning providers who have successfully been through the multicriteria analysis set for them.

For instance, Exact Path is ideal for supporting the diverse needs of your ELLs through a flexible way of learning. Why?

  • It’s proven in driving growth for ELLs and has been built to support and develop students’ vocabulary and language skills, to aid their confidence.
  • It offers audio, models, and visual supports to help differentiate content for all targeted proficiency levels and learning styles.

With Exact Path, students complete an adaptive diagnostic assessment whereby they have their own learning paths to help them in their academic growth. This includes scaffolded instruction and practice, and is ideal for monitoring and supporting students’ progression.

For a teacher, the diagnostic assessment is ideal as it helps ELL…

  • It means you can determine the exact areas where a student needs remediation.
  • Lets you determine where a student may be working ahead of grade level.
  • Allows Exact Path to automatically assign personalized learning for each student, to meet them where they are at.

In addition, it provides you with a data view that allows you to monitor progress skill by skill, which is really valuable in identifying intervention and remediation opportunities. Also, it records data to support you with real-time progress monitoring for your students. The user-friendly interface and engaging activities allow students to navigate learning paths independently. All this whilst supporting them with developing critical language skills.

Want to find out more about how WIDA and Edmentum International have linked to aid with supporting ELLs’ academic success and proficiency in the English language? Take a look at our whitepaper or just get in touch with the team by emailing

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