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2022-23 Back-to-School Planning Guide for Administrators

As you plan for what the 2022–23 academic year will bring, you’ll want to incorporate all the best practices and lessons learned from the previous school year that promote and prioritize student safety and success. To support you during this planning process, we’ve curated a list of our best resources and recommended solutions aligned to your goals for this upcoming school year.

Explore the Right Learning Models for Success

As communities prepare to welcome back larger populations of students into the physical classroom, taking an early survey on education preferences is a great way to inform the allocation of resources. While many students will be ready to return to the brick-and-mortar classroom, still others may now expect a more flexible approach. Do you have the right mix of learning options to keep students and parents satisfied?

Edmentum Courseware provides a completely customizable digital curriculum that, with the guidance and support of your own teaching staff at the helm, will allow you to provide both in-person and virtual instruction, and pivot swiftly between them. Consider the many different ways that an online curriculum can be used with our online curriculum guide.

Additionally, if virtual instructional services are needed, our EdOptions Academy allows for a fully accredited learning option and provides certified virtual teachers. You may pay for only the course enrollments you need with post-pay billing options. Use our Virtual Learning workbook to evaluate if a virtual implementation is the best option for your school.

Establish an Academic Baseline and Provide Targeted Intervention

Students will begin the 2022–23 school year with larger gaps in learning and a greater variety of learning needs than most educators have had to navigate in their teaching careers. Assessments that evaluate each student’s starting point, strengths, and weaknesses are essential for learning.

Using an adaptive diagnostic assessment, Exact Path works to understand each student’s specific competencies and skill gaps regardless of grade level and then meets students where they are by automatically creating an individualized learning playlist for each student. Review our step-by-step guide to help develop your own personalized learning plan.

Identify Essential On-Grade Concepts and Skills

Following another year of disrupted summative testing, make sure you have the right tools to ensure students are still achieving grade-level mastery. Study Island offers K–12 formative assessments and meaningful practice to build proficiency with embedded high-stakes test preparation. Use this formative assessment workbook to plan for effective, data-driven instruction.

Consider the Social-Emotional Impact on Learning

Social-emotional learning (SEL) has proved to be essential not only to protecting and maintaining a positive and healthy school culture but also for paving the way for overall student success, that focuses on the whole learner.

Helping your students cope with change and navigate through crises will continue to be an important part of the school experience, and will prepare them for the world outside of the classroom.

Offer Opportunities to Recover Missing Credits

The need for credit recovery for secondary learners has already begun to rise and experts project that it will continue to increase. Courseware offers a proven curriculum perfect for credit or unit recovery, and EdOptions Academy provides a complete credit recovery solution by pairing a state-certified teacher with Courseware curriculum.

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