Five Top Tips for Exact Path for Parents & How They Can Help Encourage Learning

It’s the start of the new academic year for many of us, so I wanted to give parents some pointers on using Exact Path at home to start the new academic year in the right way and encourage learning with it. As Edmentum’s Head of International Customer Services, I am also a parent and have lots of experience helping schools and parents access Exact Path and encouraging its usage, so I hope these tips are helpful. Plus, you can use some of them at home too.

1. Build a Schedule

My first tip for parents to encourage learning is to create a suitable daily or weekly timetable to use at home, which will support your child in keeping on track of their home learning. This should include time spent on Exact Path (which we recommend using for 30 minutes per week per subject). Writing their learning activity down in a timetable format will help create clarity between yourself and your child with clear expectations. You should ensure this is focused around their out-of-school activities, such as swimming lessons, dancing, or sports activities, and that the time expected isn’t unrealistic, too long for your child, or doesn’t include breaks. 

2. Set Up a Suitable Workspace

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth reiterating; the second tip is creating a suitable environment at home to work in to encourage learning within Exact Path. I suggest having a calm, quiet area with no distractions. It is also essential to check that your child has access to their device during this time. Is it free to them or being shared by another family member? Has this device been charged in preparation? Also, it’s worth making sure your child has enough time to complete the task in hand and that they are feeling energized to finish their work and are refreshed. Your child may work better at different times, such as after dinner, so it’s worth keeping an eye on that and factoring it in. 

3. Get to Know the Online Learning Platform

I also recommend, where possible, to speak to your child’s teacher about Exact Path if you have any questions. Your child’s school may also run parent workshops which would be useful to attend, and it’s also worth mentioning that we have some helpful guides for you to use to learn more about Exact Path too if you need them:

You can also visit my recording to gain more knowledge of using Exact Path – I did this for a school where parents listened in, so it’s worth checking out.

4. Communicate with Your Child’s Teachers

Where possible, another tip is to ensure you are communicating with teachers regarding your child’s development, whether this is to address any challenges they may face or to share their successes (which is equally important, of course!). You can view the Rewards area within Exact Path to understand what areas your child is currently working on, or if it is suitable, you could reach out to your child’s class teacher for advice and support or tips on how to better help with learning at home.

5. Share and Celebrate Your Child’s Successes

Another great point, and as mentioned above, is that your child can review their success within their Rewards area in their Exact Path account, which is worth taking advantage of. This area shows the skills recently mastered, as well as the class challenges that have been completed. You could arrange time each week to look at these together and share any success with your child or other family members. You could also decide on your own reward for your child to work towards once they have completed the expected time or areas within Exact Path that they have chosen to do. Alongside this, there’s also the idea to create a weekly reward chart to keep track of these successes, where you and your child can see the progress towards their chosen reward – a great motivator!

I hope you found my tips useful, and they have given you some ideas into how you can use Exact Path at home to support learning. Remember, Exact Path has numerous features to support home learning and student progression, so it’s well worth checking out.

It’s also worth pointing out that we love hearing about student success, so if you have any success to share, please do! You can tweet us at @Edmentum_INT or email us on – we look forward to hearing from you!

If you’re a teacher at a school using Exact Path and need a little more help with parental engagement and the platform itself, we are always welcoming all schools to get in touch with us if they need to by emailing Remember, you can also see our parent guide here, which we did for a school too.

How Summit International School in the UAE Utilizes Exact Path to Support Growth and Attainment with NWEA MAP Skills

Summit International School in the United Arab Emirates has been using Exact Path for two years to support their teaching and learning. The school has seen impressive results in terms of growth and attainment, and the learning paths within the product were a perfect match for the school. This is echoed in the school’s mission statement; this statement is, “The mission of Summit International School is to create a happy and safe environment that cultivates individualized learning paths through active learning and reflective teaching.”


Why Summit International School chose Exact Path

The school serves a large student population where every student is an English language learner. With a large ELL student population and a UAE requirement of using NWEA MAP, Summit International School began searching for a product to support these learners and this new prerequisite. Exact Path quickly became the perfect solution.

Lee Dabagia, Principal at the school, has commented that they were looking for a product that would enable personalized learning linked to MAP. Lee says,

“Other programs couldn’t give us the level of personalization that we were looking for to support our students.”

Lee’s comment on “personalization” also links with the school’s vision: To be a school that provides every student individualized learning, growth opportunities, and the confidence and creativity to climb higher every day.” Exact Path allows the school to fully personalize learning and address any gaps right at the core.

There were other reasons for implementing Exact Path, however. The school found Exact Path gave teachers insight into their students’ progress, and it also gave them another precise data source that they needed. Alongside these benefits, it could also support test endurance, for which the school was requiring support.

It’s also worth highlighting the impact the product has had on ELL students at the school. Lee comments on this,

“We recognized our students might be the only English speaker at home. The interface has visual cues and icons the students can easily follow. Exact Path offers grade appropriate instructions for auditory and visual learners. This ensures the students can use it without a teacher or parent. They can use Exact Path any time of day, anywhere they want, individually. After two years, we are watching our Grades 2 and 3 students translate for their parents during student-led conferences.”

Using Exact Path in school and at home

Initially, Summit International School used Exact Path with students between the grades of 2 to 8. This year, they have begun using it throughout grades 1 to 9. Students at the school have been receptive to Exact Path; this has been increasingly more so since they started receiving rewards for their work.

Furthermore, the school uses Exact Path as a support for teachers; they deliver the content, and then Exact Path helps students address any gaps. This usage aligns with the school’s ambition to always provide educator support. Lee says, “We do not want Exact Path to be a teacherless experience.”

Recently, there has been a shift at the school in terms of Exact Path usage volume after introducing student rewards for the number of skills completed within the product. With this method, the school hopes to improve student growth even further.

Exact Path is already helping with this, as Ian Power, teacher and Exact Path coach at the school, has said:

“Exact Path is influencing the improvement of students’ MAP skills.”

As this shift has only been implemented, the school has also been rewarding students for their time spent on Exact Path. Impressively, the school celebrated 129 students using Exact Path at home for more than 400 minutes over the summer holidays. This was when students were not required to do any learning and clearly shows the impact Exact Path is having on students’ engagement.

Exact Path helps students exceed grade level too, which was one of the school’s goals. Lee mentions:

“Exact Path, for sure, has helped us get closer to that goal of helping students who are exceeding grade level.”


Success with Exact Path

Indeed, Summit International School has used Exact Path exceptionally well. They can see visual improvements in reports from utilizing the many tools and features available. The product has also helped with home and distance learning, as Samar Barakeh, Director of Assessment and Student Services, says:

“It is year-round, and we can offer kids that option to learn. Exact Path also helps with distance learning, especially after the closures and learning loss.”

Also, Exact Path is supporting the school with its latest developments and ways of learning exceptionally well. This is because some students are learning via a fully online or hybrid learning model. Lee, the Principal at the school, echoes this and has commented on the impact Exact Path has had:

“Exact Path is becoming a way of life for us.”

We hosted a webinar with Summit International School, where they explained more about their story and how they implemented Exact Path. You can watch the webinar here.