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9 Questions to Consider When Planning Virtual Summer School Programming

Summer school might look a little different this year for many educators. Schools are looking at new models and even opening summer school up to a broader range of students than in the past. Many will include a digital or virtual component for the first time, so we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of things to think about as you are planning your virtual program.

These questions are designed to help you review the type of virtual summer school program you are looking to offer, the students you are looking to serve, and the instruction and staffing that will be needed for a successful program.

1. What type of virtual summer school programming do you plan to offer?

  • Fully automated, self-directed?
  • Guided with educator support?
  • Set a schedule with direct instruction?
  • Options through a 3rd party?

 2. What additional resources are needed for a successful program?

  • Staffing?
  • Online curriculum and programming?
  • Technology?

3. What will the eligibility criteria for student summer enrolment be?

  • First come first serve basis?
  • Has the educator identified struggling students?
  • Students in need of credit recovery?

4. How will the program be structured?

  • Will attendance be taken?
  • Must students complete the entire summer semester?
  • Can students work at their own pace?

5. How will student progress and program data be tracked?

  • Technologies and systems?
  • Who will oversee and monitor data?
  • Who will run student intervention?

6. What are the program policies?

  • How will assignments be turned in?
  • How will grading be managed?
  • How will completion be determined?
  • Letter grade or pass/fail grading?

 7. What are the expectations for program content?

  • Is it aligned to state standards?
  • Does programming need to be customized?
  • Full-course or portion earned credit?

8. Who will be the main points of contact for program and support related questions?

  • Contact overseeing all summer programming?
  • Contact for participating educators?
  • Contact for enrolled students?
  • Contact for Parents of enrolled students?

9. What are the expectations for all stakeholders?

  • Administrators?
  • Teachers?
  • Students?
  • Parents?

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