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7 TED Talks to Help Educators in 2021

The quick switch educators have had to make to online learning, possibly several times during the last year, has been challenging at times. However, online learning isn’t new and there are many experts at hand who can guide you through this unusual and transitional time. TED Talks are an easy way to take in a fresh perspective and learn from specialists in their field. The set of global conferences operating under the tagline, “Ideas Worth Spreading” has a vast selection of thought leaders who are keen to share their ideas and proposed solutions to the biggest issues currently impacting education. We have compiled a list of TED Talks on virtual education and other topical talks to help inspire and support educators.

Bring on the Learning Revolution

In this TED Talk from 2010, Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning. In post-COVID-19 learning, his ideas are ahead of their time.

How Teachers Can Help Students Navigate Trauma

“To make a difference in the life of a child … I made the commitment to tell my personal story,” says educator Lisa Godwin. In this moving talk, Lisa shares her experience of overcoming childhood trauma with the quiet, unwavering support of a teacher and school counselor ̶  and shows how educators can help students and families navigate hardships by sharing their own stories.

Paper towns and why learning is awesome by John Green

Some of us learn best in the classroom and some of us… well, we don’t. But we still love to learn! In this TED talk from 2012 John Green, author and creator of groundbreaking educational YouTube channels SciShow, Mental Floss, and Crash Course, advocates that moving online connects learners to each other and builds engagement by looking at some of the popular education-based YouTube creators.

Why Students Should Have Mental Health Days

School can be rife with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and even burnout — but there’s often no formal policy for students who need to prioritize their well-being. Student activist, Hailey Hardcastle, explains why schools should offer mental health days and allow students time to practice emotional hygiene without stigma. Follow along to learn how she and a team of fellow students transformed their advocacy into law.

Dear Grown-Ups… Sincerely, Gen Z

What is it like to be a member of the class of 2020? Topics in this TED Talk range from the lack of mental health counseling to the emerging mercantile nature of teen sexuality. In this talk, educator Kimber Lybbert urges everyone to see the strength and potential in our young people.

Activism, Changemakers, and Hope for the Future

Education activist, and Oxford graduate, Malala Yousafzai reflects on the defining moments of her life, how she balances passion with personhood, and where the world finds itself during the COVID-19 crisis. With her infectious humor and humility, she shares her dreams of seeing social progress in her lifetime, explains why girls’ education advocacy must not relent during the pandemic, and champions youth activists worldwide leading the fight for a fairer future for all.

Schools without Classrooms: The Potential of Online Education and How to Fulfill It

Cave people didn’t teach their children how to hunt mammoths in a classroom, so why are classrooms necessary to education today? George Greenbury explores the future of education and ways we can use online education to address global educational inequalities. Check out his ideas around adapting online education to be more engaging and social ensures a future where online learning can provide high quality education for all.

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