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Support the whole learner with BASE

We have proudly partnered with BASE Education to offer an in-depth social-emotional learning curriculum surrounding mental health and wellness principles, that are underpinned by clinical research.

What is BASE Education?

BASE Education is officially recognized for being well designed and evidence-based by CASEL, the leading organization behind SEL research.

This expert content is crafted by mental health professionals and educators with more than 25 years of real-world experience.

path iconGrades 1-12

path icon100 social-emotional learning courses

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Why did we choose BASE education?

  • Support a range of SEL implementations with self-directed student curriculum, teacher-guided direct instruction, and family learning access.
  • Impact social-emotional skills for all while intervening with students who are most at risk.
  • Navigate the impacts of a changing world with an evidence-based curriculum that creates a safe space for mental health and wellness education.
  • Deliver 100 courses and tackle a range of challenging topics including Coping Strategies, Digital Citizenship, Bullying, and Equity.

Did you know that students who receive SEL instruction perform better academically than their peers?

We believe in the promise and potential of supporting and encouraging the whole learner. BASE Education is a powerful tool, that enables students to regulate their emotions and behaviors, develop relationship skills and social awareness, and practice critical decision-making to plan for their futures.

What do students who use BASE think?

  • 87% of students feel successful when doing BASE coursework
  • 77% use what they’ve learned from BASE in their everyday life
  • 81% of students say that BASE enables them to talk about things with their therapist or counselor that they couldn’t before they used the program.

*Study conducted with the assistance of Excelsior Youth Centers.

Evidence-Based Curriculum

Every BASE Education course enables students to define and reflect on their values, knowledge, and behavior as aligned to the topic being explored. They will learn coping strategies and put plans in place for forward-thinking using a strengths-based approach.

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