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Expanding School Capacity around the Globe
Enter the Classroom of the Future

Unlock a whole new way of teaching with Academy, one that allows every student to have an equal opportunity to succeeding academically, one that allows each and every pupil to explore their individualities and pursue their ambitions without the need to compromise, but above all an education that allows students to harness their true talents so that together, we can educate the leaders of tomorrow.

What is Academy?

Academy is a fully Cognia accredited K-12 virtual school solution that allows schools to enhance, expand, and extend their program offerings. Partnering with Edmentum’s Academy helps you attract and retain students in your program and provide a flexible, individualized learning experience for each student. We’re trusted internationally to provide rigorous, research-based, and pedagogically sound curriculum paired with outstanding state-certified teachers to help you support your virtual school needs.

How Can Academy Support Your School?

Our virtual school can be delivered entirely online or as part of a blended curriculum with bricks and mortar schools.

Courses Expansion

Over 600 courses available including AP, Dual Diploma, and Credit Recovery. The course delivery offers a great deal of flexibility that can be administered anywhere, anytime.


Enable advanced options for elite students, catch-up support for new students joining mid-year, intervention and credit recovery. Academy perfectly supports college/career readiness.

Teacher Shortages

Academy offers fully certified and highly skilled online teachers, helping to address teacher shortages cost-effectively, also offering 24/7 tutor support.


Academy is approved by over 10 US state departments, as well as Cognia, NCAA, and College Board, so you can be sure your students’ future is in safe hands.

Virtual Learning

Support your own fully virtual school, enabling flexibility, as well as attracting and retaining students.


Elementary Courses

  • Curated print and digital
    curriculum for young learners
  • Collaborative, project-
    based approach
  • Designed for parent

Middle & High School Courses

  • Promote college and
    career readiness
  • Rigorous, engaging
    curriculum and instruction
  • 400+ core, elective, and
    advanced options

Career Academy

  • High demand
    vocational pathways
  • Prepare for industry
    recognized credentials
  • Provide alternative
    graduation options

Academy offers high school diplomas recognized for US F-1 study visa applications.

“The support we have received from Edmentum has been fantastic. Our staff has benefited from highly effective, thorough training. We would certainly recommend Edmentum International to other schools.”

Phil Yates, Assistant Headteacher, Al Rabeeh School, Abu Dhabi

Expand Your Digital Learning Opportunities

Edmentum’s award-winning curriculum enables us to offer a comprehensive online learning experience that is based on real-world skills and aligned to state and national standards.

This rigorous and engaging content is designed to meet each child at his or her proficiency level through the use of media-rich and interactive experiences. These online courses open up a world of content and offer your students a personalized experience based on the “learning by doing” philosophy.


We work closely with third parties to make sure that our curriculum meets relevant standards from a content, technology, and accessibility standpoint. As a result, educators can save time and already scarce resources by being able to rest assured that the Edmentum curriculum is rigorous, engaging, up-to-date, and aligned to standards.

Proven Courses Taught by Teachers

When students enroll in Academy classes, they are assigned certified online teachers to guide them on their virtual learning journey.

In addition to grading coursework, our online instructors are available to answer questions, help students understand class material, and stay on track to achieve their academic goals. Regular communication occurs via video conferencing, phone, and email. Teachers also offer live lessons and virtual “office hours” for real-time instruction and extra help. Academy teachers use our secure, web-based system to manage student grades, assignments, and tests.

Pathways to Graduation

With over 600 courses, there is an extensive course variety with a range of core subjects, CTE, electives, World Languages, and advanced courses to fit many needs. We can bridge gaps for students with graduation by offering them a US High School diploma and help with their Dual Diploma Track.


Passing rate of students enrolled in Academy courses


Student satisfaction with courses


School leader satisfaction with curriculum quality


Student satisfaction with teacher support

See Academy in Action

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“Utilizing online learning has helped us graduate students with our high school diploma that simply would not have graduated. Every year, we make use of [Edmentum] to recover credits and take elective credits in the process.”

Vern Reed, Alternative Program Coordinator, West Burlinton ISD, IA

Academy Courses

Academy Support