Academy & Your School

We understand that the key to success with any new teaching and learning tool is making sure that you have the right support and implementation that goes along with it.

We pride ourselves on the many successful partnerships we have formed with schools over our many years of operation. Our aim is to support schools in equalizing education for every student and offering a fair chance at success.

How Academy Can Support Your School

Dedicated implementation specialist

Implementation designed to support your goals

Advice on course and graduation requirements

Training, support and regular catch-ups

Awarding of credits and diplomas

Access to student data dashboard

How Academy Can Support Your Students

Student counsellors to advise on college and career

Daily teacher support via email, text and phone

Parent access to data dashboard and contact logs

Academy & Virtual Learning Made Easy

See how Academy makes use of video conferencing to support learning

See how Academy’s video conferencing can overcome the challenge of connecting its students virtually

How do students know when they can speak to teachers about their learning virtually?

“The support has been tremendous. The training was easy and individualized depending on tech needs and knowledge. [Edmentum] even helped with marketing and launching the program.”

Vikki Childress, Director of Virtual Programs

Academy Online Teachers

Academy offers schools access to fully qualified and specialized teachers cost-effectively. Our teachers specialize in even the most complex curricula with a range of 3-15 years of teaching experience, so you know your students will be well supported.

Enabling Schools to Support a Variety of Student Needs

Whether a student is having to learn from home, traveling, experiencing emotional behavioral needs, or are competitive athletes, our teachers will support students throughout their journey to ensure quality & continuity in the education they receive as well as academic growth.

What Customers Are Saying…

A Cyber Solution That Reclaims Online Students in Sunbury, PA

“The students appreciate the regular communication and availability of the online teachers in combination with our lab teacher. Parents feel confident knowing the lab is a safe place for their child to be.”

Bringing the World to
Rural Schools in
Bethel, Maine

“We have found that the students actually
like having a plan and hold themselves accountable. They often tell me when they
are falling behind and what they plan on
doing to catch up.”

Expanding Options of
Rural Students,
Glennallen, AK

“EdOptions Academy provided an impressive array of high-interest, high-quality courses taught by outstanding teachers, allowing us to provide options for students that there is no way we could have offered on our own.”

“My son’s teachers have been beyond wonderful in terms of communication, encouragement, and keeping our son on task, which he requires.”

Eva B., EdOptions Academy Parent

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